Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.   How much do you charge for delivery?
Yes. Most of our safes weigh more than 700 pounds. Within the OKC metro area, we have a standard delivery price which includes installation. Outside the 40 mile metro radius, an additional mileage charge applies. Shipping is also available to most points in the U.S.  Call us or come see us to learn about delivery and shipping.

2.  Do you install and bolt the safes to the floor?
Yes. A basic installation is included in the above delivery and install price.

3.  My storage needs may change in the future, can a safe be reconfigured?
Yes. The shelves can be adjusted and removed according to your needs.

4.   Is the safe fire rated?
Yes. Our safes are built using two layers of Ultracode resulting in 1½ inches of FireRoc core gypsum. These safes are rated for 1,700° for up to 2 hours.

5.   How many guns will a safe hold?
Visit the product page for each safe which shows an approximate gun storage.

6.  How soon will I receive my safe?
If we have your safe in stock we will schedule delivery with you at the time of purchase. If the safe needs any customization, we will need a day or two to make those changes.

7.   Where should my safe be installed?
According to one local Fire Department the best place is near an exterior wall in a corner. That stated, our customers have installed them in various parts of their homes and businesses. Does it matter if your visitors know you have a safe?  Being inconspicuous is a good strategy. You might consider a installing in closet or rooms with limited/no guest access. By installing in a corner or limited access area makes it difficult for would-be thieves to use a crowbar on your safe, by limiting access you reduce the risk.

8.  Where can I purchase a Bear Safe?
Our manufacturing facility and showroom is located in Oklahoma City. We also have a network of dealers in the region (see our dealers page).