Fire Protection

Fire protection is a key benefit of owning a Bear Safe. You have important valuables that you want protected and your Bear Safe can provide the protection you require.

There are three factors that determine how a safe reacts to fire:

  1. Thickness of the fire core material is critical.
    Ninety-five percent of all safe manufacturers use either 1/2 inch or 5/8 inch FireRoc material.  Bear Safes uses two layers of ¾ inch Ultracode which results in 1½  inches of FireRoc core gypsum.  We go above and beyond in the construction of our safes.

    Our safes have the thickest core in the industry which results in a higher heat rating for a longer time.

  2. Heat transference by metal to metal contact.
    When a safe locks, it creates metal to metal contact.  Science 101 tells us that metal conducts heat.  If we look at a standard combination safe,  with 5 bolts on the right side, 5 bolts on the left side, 2 bolts on the top of the door,  two bolts on the bottom of the door,  ALL those bolts are connected to the door of the safe.  The bolts extend and retract, to  open or close the door.  These bolts slide in and out behind the face of the door.  When a fire occurs, as the door warms up, the heat is transferred to all bolts going in all directions.  The bolts begin to emit heat to the inside of the safe.

    This type of safe ALSO has two holes drilled through the face of the door:  one for the lock to feed through and one for the handle to connect to the bolt system.  Both of these holes create direct heat transference.

    The Bear Safes locking system has NO holes.  Bear Safes have NO bolt systems.  Therefore, our safes have less generated heat to the inside of the safe.  Our double layer ULTRACODE offers better heat protection and minimizes heat transference to a point that no one else can match!

  3. Seams and Gaps are another source of heat transference.
    Most manufacturers place their fire protection material into the safe body after the safe is built.  The problem with this design and assembly is that the safe body is larger than it’s door opening. Other manufacturers cut down the pieces of gypsum panel to fit through the door opening to install in the body.  Unfortunately, this leaves gaps and voids throughout the safe, resulting in places where heat can be transferred to the safe’s contents. Bear Safes® installs the ULTRACODE® as a part of the building process.

    We leave NO gaps or voids.   We offer one of the BEST fire resistant, highest heat rated safe on the market.

1½ inches of Ultracode Fire Protection

1½ inches of Ultracode

No gaps in our construction.

No gaps in our construction