Here’s what some of our customers have to say:

A raging fire destroyed the Double Stop Fiddle Shop but NOT two Bear Safes® owned by Byron Berline.  The following video shows the recovery of the safes and their contents.  The safes protected Berline’s prized Gibson mandolin and other instruments.

“On Saturday, February 23, 2019, my Double Stop Fiddle Shop & Music Hall building in Guthrie, OK. was destroyed by fire.  I had purchased two Bear Safes several years ago as the best insurance for my valuable music instruments.  Seeing the terrible fire,  I didn’t know if anything would be left.

The local firemen worked hard to retrieve the safes from the rubble.  They even had to use the “jaws of life” to open them.  Not knowing if anything could have survived that 6-8 hour inferno, I was beyond grateful to see most of my instruments still there and mostly intact.

Those instruments in their individual cases were in the best shape, and I was so happy to see that the Bear Safes had protected them, just as had been advertised.”

My wife and I made a “road trip” to OKC to purchase a Bear Safe.

After researching safes, Bear Safes®  have a well made product with a good reputation. We like that it doesn’t look like like your typical safe, as to not attract unwanted curiosity. 

Bear Safe owners were great to work with.  Loaded on a pallet, we hauled our safe in the back of our pickup truck to MN. 

We were so pleased with the safe, we made a return trip a year later to buy a second safe.  P.S. Yes, buy the bigger one!

Oklahoma made, heavy gage steel, great lock mechanism, STRONG, STRONG, STRONG!

5 star rating! Best gun safe I have ever owned. I have never regretted buying this safe.

5 star rating! These damn things are built tuff. I now have the peace of mind to keep all of my valuables in a true fire rated safe. Eli is a great guy and will help you out anyway he can.

5 star rating! Love my bear safe , can leave my house knowing my firearms and valuables are safe and secure.